Why Hire Me?

Why should you hire me?


Melina Druga

I have been writing since childhood.  My professional career began in 2001, and I have been self employed since 2011.  I am the author of more than a thousand online and print articles and the ghostwriter of hundreds more.  Many of these articles can be viewed in my portfolio.

In addition, I am the author of two business books and the contributor to a third.  To learn more information on my projects, visit the Books page.

My clients have been consistently satisfied.  Read their testimonials to discover why.


I have a degree in English and a certificate in social media for journalists.

Professional Qualities

  • Self driven
  • Never miss a deadline
  • Detail oriented
  • A desire to learn new skills
  • Highly organized
  • Experience working remotely
  • Experience working with small-business owners
  • Experience working with those for whom English is a second language
  • I don’t take a job if I don’t believe I can do the best possible job.


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