Why Hire Melina Druga?

Why should you hire Melina Druga?

Your budget is tight. You want the best value for your money. Why should you hire Melina Druga instead of a college intern or a writer based in a third-world country? After all, they can be hired inexpensively?

Because Experience Matters

  • Melina Druga began her career in 2001. She has perfected her craft since that time.
  • Melina Druga has written thousands of online articles and news briefs and more than 100 print articles. She also has ghostwritten several hundred more. These numbers increases weekly.
  • Melina Druga has a degree in English, a certificate in social media and learned reporting, copy editing and journalism best practices on the job.

Because Versatility Matters

  • Melina Druga has written about the following subjects: aerospace, the auto industry (including autonomous and green vehicles), business mergers, cybersecurity, education, energy, entertainment, entrepreneurship, the environment, financial news, the food and beverage industry, health and fitness, infrastructure, lifestyle, manufacturing, the media, personal safety, politics, the pharmaceutical industry, the retail industry, real estate, social media, streaming music, technology, telecommunications, travel and video-on-demand.
  • Melina Druga has worked with newspapers, online publications and small-business owners in North America and Europe.

Because Professionalism Matters

  • Melina Druga has never missed a deadline.
  • Melina Druga does not accept an assignment unless she believes she can deliver the highest-quality product.
  • Melina Druga’s copy editing experience means all content is thoroughly edited before being submitted to clients.
  • Melina Druga has a desire to learn new skills and advance her career.

Because Skills Matter

  • Melina Druga has worked with clients for whom English is a second language, rewriting content to make it sound like it was written by a native English speaker.
  • Melina Druga can take complex subjects and make them understandable for a general audience.
  • Melina Druga can curate content for publication.
  • Other skills include AP Style, Basecamp, establishing editorial schedules, time management, fact checking, WordPress and adhering to writers’ guidelines.



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