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Who is Melina Druga?

Melina Druga is a multi-genre author with a lifelong love of books and the English language. She is the author of three historical fiction novels (the WWI trilogy) and nine nonfiction books.  Three historical fiction novellas are scheduled to launch in 2022, and a contemporary fiction series is in the works. 

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Journey of Hope Cover Reveal Sept. 24

What appeal is there traveling to a land that, in her mind, is associated with death?

1829. Living in the rugged, rocky and forested British North American wilderness, Claire Appleton knows nothing but an arduous life filled with hard work, struggle and sacrifice. In her entire lifetime, she hasn’t traveled more than a few miles from her hometown of Fredericton.

Claire’s husband, Harold, dreams of adventure and suggests a move to the Niagara Peninsula in search of a better life, a suggestion Claire resists.  Despite the hardships, she is happy, and the Niagara Peninsula reminds Claire of her father’s death during the War of 1812. 

Claire’s mind, however, is changed when her drunken father-in-law threatens to the kill her family.  Getting away from him is the best thing they could do, but a journey of 900 miles isn’t without risk.  Many aspects on their perilous journey could go wrong– bad weather, illness, injury, theft, running out of money, lack of roads, wild animals. 

Will the Appletons’ journey of hope end safely?  Will their they achieve the promise of a better life?    

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Other Books by Melina Druga

Adjustment Year by Melina Druga

Adjustment Year

1919. The promise of better days slips away as the optimism everyone experienced on Armistice Day fades.

Hettie Taylor returns home to Canada married to Alfred, a man she barely knows, and without having had an opportunity in the nursing service to properly mourn her first husband, Geoffrey. As she adjusts to civilian life, Hettie is overcome by emotions she has difficulty controlling and must learn to come to terms with Geoffrey’s death.

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Those Left Behind

1914. The Steward family is eagerly preparing for the event that will forever bind them to the Bartlettes: the wedding of Hettie and Geoffrey. Little do the families know that the winds of war brewing in Europe soon will rip them apart.

Hettie and her brother, Freddie, join the Canadian Army Medical Corps. This decision is met with resistance and disapproval, causing a rift in the siblings’ relationship with their parents.

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Those Left Behind
Angel of Mercy by Melina Druga

Angel of Mercy

April 1914.  Barrie, Ontario.  Hettie Steward is feisty, educated, ambitious and stubborn.  Her fiancé, Geoffrey Bartlette, the love of her life since childhood, has been a patient man.  He waited while she attended nursing school and worked a year, but now it is time to wed.  While Hettie is thrilled to be starting her life with Geoffrey, she laments that marriage means sacrificing her beloved nursing career, and domestic life brings her nothing but drudgery and boredom.

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