1915 Available Wherever eBooks are Sold April 29

1915 by Melina Druga

Spring 1915 is consumed with two traumatic events. 

Canadian troops endures a trial by fire at the Second Battle of Ypres.  While the Canadians are ultimately successful – to the pride of their countrymen – the battle marks the first widespread use of chlorine gas.   The gas moves across the ground like a yellow-green fog, damaging the mucus membranes and causing asphyxiation.

Meanwhile, Americans are rocked by the torpedoing of the Lusitania, an ocean liner that, like the Titanic, was thought to be unsinkable.  The sinking costs the lives of nearly 1,200 including women, children and babies, and splits the United States into two camps – those who want war and those who still believe in neutrality.

Part two in the A Tale of Two Nations: Canada, U.S. and WW1 series.  The series explores journalism history by examining how newspapers reported on the war, painting a picture of the war as our ancestors knew it.

1915 originally released on Amazon in 2018.  It will be available on Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Indigo, Angus & Robertson, and more starting April 29.

To find a retailer or e-library, visit https://books2read.com/1915.

Melina Druga

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The Trilogy is Complete

Melina’s WWI trilogy following Hettie and her family as they navigate the challenges and heartbreak World War 1 brings. Each novel is a standalone story.

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