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***Effective February 2022, my history blogs moved.***  Here’s a list of where my posts moved.  The posts appear in the new locations with their original publication dates and are searchable using the box in the right sidebars.

  • Posts about World War I, the Edwardian era and the Victorian era: These are the bulk of my posts and are companion pieces to the WWI Trilogy – Angel of Mercy, Those Left Behind and Adjustment Year.  They have moved to https://ww1.melinadruga.com/.
  • Posts about the 1820s: These are companion pieces to Journey of Hope.  They have moved to https://claire.melinadruga.com/.
  • Posts about the 1850s: These are companion pieces to Rose’s Assignment.  They will publish through May 12, 2022.  They will publish on https://rose.melinadruga.com/.
  • Posts about the 1880s: These are companion pieces to The Unmarriable Kind.  They will publish through July 7, 2022.  They will publish on https://lucretia.melinadruga.com/.
  • Posts that were companion pieces to my nonfiction books also have moved.  You can find them on https://nonfiction.melinadruga.com/.
  • Finally, blog posts related to my upcoming contemporary fiction series will publish on https://rockstar.melinadruga.com/.  Visit the newsletter page and sign up to receive email notifications when new posts are published.

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