About Melina Druga

Creating fictional people since 1989.

Melina Druga

Most kids have an active imagination.  Melina Druga’s imagination has stayed strong into adulthood, and she’s funneled that creativity into a successful writing career.

She writes history, both fiction and nonfiction, because although your school history classes may have been boring, the past is not.  Her goal is to bring the past to life in all its myriad of color.

She writes with the assistance of a furry writing buddy – AKA the family cat who often sits with her while she works.

When not researching, writing or editing, Melina is wife to a wonderful man who also is her copy editor and mother to a budding baker/guitarist/architect.

The portion of her brain that isn’t filled with fictional people is filled with song lyrics.  She listens to hard rock daily and finds entertainment, inspiration and comfort in it.

Namaste.  She practices yoga daily for a balanced body and mind.  But, no, she can’t do a headstand.

Another way she expresses her creativity is through the camera lens.  She especially enjoys nature and architecture photography.

She cooks most meals from scratch.  She’s a healthy cooking advocate, much to her husband’s chagrin.


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