Adjustment Year

Adjustment Year by Melina Druga

The war is over, but the healing has just begun.

1919. The promise of better days slips away as the optimism everyone experienced on Armistice Day fades.

Hettie Taylor returns home to Canada married to Alfred, a man she barely knows, and without having had an opportunity in the nursing service to properly mourn her first husband, Geoffrey. As she adjusts to civilian life, Hettie is overcome by emotions she has difficulty controlling and must learn to come to terms with Geoffrey’s death.

Complicating matters, Alfred’s family is unnecessarily cruel to her, and Hettie begins to wonder if she will be miserable for the rest of her days.

She takes comfort confiding in her brother, Freddie, the only person she feels understands her, but he is dealing with his own storm of emotions. And a secret.

Will Hettie adjust to her first post-war year, or are she and Alfred destined for divorce?

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Praise for Adjustment Year

Druga pens another magnificent historical story in Adjustment Year. I read the stories in this World War I trilogy, and I really enjoyed them. These books should be read in order. The characters were realistic and fit the era of 1919, just after WWI. This book deserves a second read! (and maybe more). A very well-written story, and I enjoyed it. It is always a joy to read this author's stories. This author is not just a writer but a great storyteller. Magnificent story, kept this reader turning the pages. This read is so engrossing, it brings you right in the middle of the story. Hettie is stronger than she thinks she is, as she mourns one husband while marrying one she doesn't even know. The war is over, there should be parades in the street, but the truth is ... and that's where I leave it. No spoilers here. This story is more than words on the page, it's intriguing and a magnificent and terrifying journey for Hettie, and the reader. I look forward to reading many more stories by this author.
The author weaves a spellbinding tale, showing the difficulties of delayed grief, symptoms of what we call PTSD, and trying to fit back into a society that doesn’t understand what you’ve been though or how much you’ve changed. I just had to keep reading one more chapter and read well into the night. The characters struggles became personal. I learned many facts but the biggest impact was made on my heart as I now have an idea of what life in that time was like. What remarkable people they were. After reading this, I now have questions I wished I had asked my grandmother when I had the chance. I highly recommend the entire trilogy.
This is a beautifully written book. I loved Hettie right from the beginning.There is something enchanting about the descriptions that really brings you from your world and straight into Hettie’s world. Bessie is such a supportive friend. The dialogue between her and Hettie was well done. Hettie’s emotions made me feel so emotional as well. I felt her grief and loss. There are so many books that focus on war, but what happens when the war is done. What then? This book really goes into detail about what happens once the war ends. I love how Hettie conducts herself. Both her spoken and inner dialogue are a delight to read. I don’t like to write in books so I’m glad I had an ebook too highlight the many powerful and well written passages. I will definitely read more from the author.
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Shantel Brunton
Amazon Canada reviewer
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