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Most kids have an active imagination. My imagination has stayed strong into adulthood, and I’ve funneled that creativity into a successful writing career. I write history, both fiction and nonfiction, because although your school history classes may have been boring, the past is not. My goal is to bring the past to life in all its myriad of colors.
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Mother Jones to Speak at Copper Mine Strike: This Week in History

Workers at a copper mine in Calumet, Mich., were striking this week 107 years ago, and 80-year-old union activist Mother Jones was expected to speak, several newspapers reported. On Aug. 2, union representatives claimed “the mining companies had organized a body of guards to take the place of state troops and stated that a reign […]

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Spanish-American War Progresses: This Week in History

There are contradicting reports out of the Spanish newspaper, the Imparcial, the Montreal Gazette reported July 21, 1898, on the progress of the Spanish-American War. One version of events said Spain should ask for peace because no other course of action was possible.  The other version was that the Americans have treated Spanish prisoners better […]

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An Excerpt From The Exsanguination of the Second Society

The following is an excerpt of The Exsanguination of the Second Society: Scholarly Historical Fiction Relating to Robeson County, North Carolina’s Tuscaroras by Stephanie M. Sellers.  It is from Chapter 5: The Good-Old-Boys Club Sucks Now. It was provided by the author. Miss Lucy found eggs and canned biscuits in the refrigerator and had breakfast […]

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An Interview with Stephanie M. Sellers

Stephanie M. Sellers describes her hobbies as “country.”  She enjoys gardening – including growing hemp and raising “Thanksgiving” and “Christmas” Bronze Breasted turkeys –  caring for dogs, hiking, and horses. Everything she likes, except writing, she says, involves getting dirty.  In the summer, she can go through three outfits a day. Sellers has been writing […]

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How to Throw a Book Launch Party

A book launch party is an excellent way to debut your newest novel to the world.  For those who are household names or have support of a large, traditional publisher, the party is probably thrown on your behalf.  For independent authors or those who don’t have a publisher’s support, the burden of throwing a party […]

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An Excerpt of A Cobbler’s Tale

The following is an excerpt of A Cobbler’s Tale by Neil Perry Gordon.  It is from Chapter 52: Moshe’s Bar Mitzvah. It was provided by the author. Clara said little in the days after Captain Berbecki’s assault on her and on her village. She talked to no one about it. The rebbetzin cautiously approached, but […]

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Meet the Bartlettes: Extended Family in the WW1 Trilogy

The Bartlettes are extended family to the Stewards in my WW1 Trilogy.  The trilogy is comprised of Angel of Mercy (released in 2019), Those Left Behind (estimated publication date of 2020 or 2021) and Adjustment Year (to follow six months later). Here are the six members of the Bartlette family: Amelia: Amelia has been friends […]

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An Interview with Neil Perry Gordon

Neil Perry Gordon is single with two sons, living in Park Ridge, New Jersey. He is the founder, owner and operator of a window covering business named Decorating with Fabric. He enjoys a healthy lifestyle consisting of organic and biodynamic grown foods and vigorous daily exercise. He has served as president of a natural foods […]

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