Are You an Historical Fiction or Historical Romance Author? I Want to Interview You!

Do you write historical fiction or historical romance?  If so, I’m putting the spotlight on you for a feature on my blog: the author interview.

If you would like to participate, fill out the author interview form below.  I’ll only use your most interesting and creative responses, so each interview will be slightly different.

Interviews and guest blogs will be published in the order they are received.  All I ask is that you retweet and share the post with your readers once it is published.

View the list of authors who are participating.


I also offer authors the opportunity to publish excerpts on my blog.  If you would like me to publish an excerpt of your novel, please include the excerpt in the space provided below.  Please include the title of your novel as excerpts will publish separately from interviews.

An Alternative to the Author Interview:

Appear as a guest blogger.  Submit a first-person account of your writing career/successes, or discuss an interesting historical event you discovered while doing your research.


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