Battle of Oppy Wood: Casualties were Less than 2,000

A painting of Oppy Wood by John Nash

Battle of Oppy Wood: Casualties were Less than 2,000

The Battle of Oppy was fought May 3 and June 28, 1917, in Arras, France.

The skirmishes were part of the large Battle of Arras.  Capturing the highlands was of strategic advantage, offering a view of the surround area.

The nations involved were Canada, Great Britain and Germany.

Major Battle Events

  • The May 3 attack had mixed results. The British were stopped by German resistance, but the 1st Canadian Division captured the town of Fresnoy.
  • The June 28 attack resulted in the British surprising the Germans and capturing Allied objectives.
  • Casualties were less than 2,000.


Updated: 23 October 2020
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