Featured Authors Series

The following authors were featured in my author interview series for historical fiction and historical romance writers.  Interviews are published every-other-Tuesday, and book reviews/excerpts are published every-other-Thursday.  Submissions are published in the order they were received.

If you are an author who would like to participate, answer the interview questions.

Featured Authors 2019

2019J. R. Lindermuth / Book review of The Bartered Body

Paullett Golden / Book review of The Earl and The Enchantress

Marc Liebman / Book review of Moscow Airlift

Eileen O’Finlan / Book Review of Kelegeen

Honeysuckle Pear / Book review of Merlin Parnassus

Joe Matlock  / Book review of The Other Side of Courage

Gene Masters  / Book review of Silent Warriors 

Rob Mackintosh / Book review of Scavengers from the Sea

Michel Poulin / Book review of The Adventures of Nancy LaPlante in the 19th Century 

Ian J. Miller

Raymond Walker

Diane Merrill Wigginton  / Book review of Lara’s Story

Harold Titus  / Book review of Alsoomse and Wanchese

Jaromy Henry

Cecily Wolfe 

Jean M. Grant  / Excerpt of A Hundred Breaths 

Grace Willows 

James Barry / Book review of A Dream Of Steam 

D.L. Havlin 

P. J. Roscoe 

Richard Roux

Mary Van Winkle  / Book review of Finding Wonderland

Anthony Barton

Kelli A. Wilkins 

Hock G. Tjoa

J. L. Gates 

Featured Authors 2020

2020Karen A. Wyle  / Excerpt of What Heals the Heart 

Nora Ryell  / Excerpt of Distant Hills

Thierry Sagnier  / Excerpt of L’Amerique 

Ryan Uytdewilligen / Excerpt of Akela 

Tonya Jewel Blessing  / Excerpt of The Melody of the Mulberries 

Evan Anderson  / Excerpt of Downriver: A Tale of Moving Pictures Before Hollywood 

Ann Markim  / Excerpt of The Legacy 

Neil Perry Gordon / Excerpt of A Cobbler’s Tale

Stephanie M. Sellers / Excerpt of The Exsanguination of the Second Society

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