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I invite you to become a guest blogger and let the world hear what you have to say.

Posts must adhere to the blog’s theme and be about one of the following topics.

History Topics:

  • Informative, analysis and opinion posts on the period 1890-1920.  Exceptions will be made for topics outside this era on a case-by-case basis, but I am more likely to make exceptions for 19th century topics than post-WW1 topics.  Contact to ask before submitting.
  • Biographies of notable historical figures from the era.
  • Current events that are directly related to/affected by past events.
  • Genealogy — I’m particularly interested in stories about surprises you discovered in your family tree, but also will publish genealogy research tips and tricks.
  • Antiques — the history of objects, little known facts about objects, etc.

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Writing Topics:

  • Book reviews and analysis for historical fiction and nonfiction history books.
  • Book releases and excerpts for historical fiction and nonfiction history books.  Press releases for historical fiction and nonfiction history books.
  • Publishing — Self-publishing and traditional publishing.
  • Advice on how to start or grow a freelance writing career.
  • Flash fiction.
  • The writing process —  How to chose a setting, write characters, create an author website, etc.
  • Your life as an author — Some examples:  How do you conduct research? What is your inspiration?  The greatest challenge(s) you face as an author and how you deal with it.
  • Book marketing — marketing plans, platforms, book signing, social media, etc.

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Guest Blogger Guidelines

There is no minimum or maximum word count.  Let the topic dictate the word count.

Include a one paragraph biography with your post that includes a photo and a link to your website and your favorite social media profile.

If you have images you’d like used in your post, please include them with your submission.

Submissions must be copied into the body of the below form.  Images must be a jpeg or png.

All submissions will be edited for spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, accuracy and wordiness.  Subheads and images will be added if you did not include them.

Interested?  Submit your post below.

Please complete the required fields.
Please upload your photo and up to two other photos to be used with your post. One will be used as the cover photo; the other will be added to the body of the post.

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