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Prayers for Missionaries: This Week in History

Members of the congregations of three churches – one Baptist, one Presbyterian and one Methodist – gathered in Raleigh, North Carolina, to pray for missionaries, the Raleigh Times reported June 25, 1900.  The missionaries were serving in China and the Far East during the early days of the Boxer Rebellion. The service opened with a […]

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Meet the Stewards: The Main Characters in the WW1 Trilogy

The Stewards are the main characters in my WW1 Trilogy comprised of Angel of Mercy (released in 2019), Those Left Behind (estimated publication date of 2020 or 2021) and Adjustment Year (to follow six months later). Here are the 10 members of the Steward family: Benjamin: The man of the family, although perhaps not its […]

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Alexander Krieschwzi Goes to Trial for Murder: This Week in History

Seventeen-year-old Alexander Krieschwzi was on trial for the murder of his father, Lewis, the Evening Journal in Wilmington, Delaware, reported on June 9. 1908.  The teen was “a respectable-looking lad who did not appear to realize the seriousness of his position.” The elder Krieschwzi was murdered March 15, 1908, following an argument. According to the […]

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Grants for Writers: What Are They and How to Find Them

Were you aware that grants are available for writers?  Grants are funds given to businesses, government entities and nonprofit organizations for a specific purpose.  Let’s examine where you can find grants for writers. Arts Writers Grant Program The grant supports new and emerging writers with a literary style and is awarded annually.  Grants are awarded […]

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Everything You Need to Know About My WW1 Trilogy

My historical fiction WW1 trilogy is comprised of Angel of Mercy (released in 2019), Those Left Behind (estimated publication date of 2020 or 2021) and Adjustment Year (to follow six months later).    Here’s your guide to the trilogy.  Some spoilers ahead! Each One is a Stand Alone Story Each novel in the trilogy is its […]

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A List of Writing Organizations

If you’re an author, chances are you’ve given some thought to joining writing organizations, if you haven’t already.  The question is:  Which organizations are the best to join.  Here is a list to point you in the right direction: American Society of Journalists and Authors This organizations specializes in nonfiction writers.  It is open mainly […]

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Point Ellice Bridge Disaster: This Week in History

Many people celebrating Victoria Day “Plunged to Death,” the Victoria Daily Times said in a headline May 26, 1896.  A tram car carrying more than 100 people to witness a mock battle fell when the Point Ellice Bridge in Victoria, British Columbia collapsed. People were eager to attend the event and cars were leaving their […]

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YMCA Campaign Raises $28,000: This Week in History

Among stories of crime and politics on the front page of the Colorado Springs Weekly Gazette on May 10, 1906, was a story of local interest.  A YMCA campaign had raised $28,000. Denver’s Simon Guggenheim made a generous $500 contribution to the organization’s Fifty Thousand Dollar Campaign, pushing it past the $28,000 mark. Other large […]

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Canada’s Wartime Elections Act of 1917

Canada passed the Wartime Elections Act in September 1917.  The act was part of the Conservative government’s efforts to maintain power later that year during the federal election.  The act, however, was not without controversy. The act followed the nation’s conscription crisis that split the nation between those of English decent, who favored conscription, and […]


Become a Patron and Get Free Books: It’s a Win-Win

Like many creative individuals, I have created a Patreon account in hopes of generating some added attention for my writing endeavors.  Now I’m ready to share my page with the world. For those who aren’t familiar with Patreon, it’s a membership platform that allows writers, bloggers, vloggers, musicians, artists and other creative people to receive […]

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