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Clients Want Something for Nothing

Imagine for a moment that you are hiring someone to do work on your kitchen, to completely redesign it, improving the layout and the flow of the space, making it more attractive to visitors and giving you a sense of pride when you show it off. You wouldn’t ask a contractor to give you an estimate and then expect […]

Freelancing Writing

My Most Embarrassing Business Moment

We’ve all had them. Those embarrassing moments in our life we’d rather forget. Many times they happened at school. Sometimes they happen in front of a crowd of people. But what happens if they happen in a professional setting? I have to admit my most embarrassing professional moments happen when people catch my stupid, little […]

Freelancing Writing

How Do I Deal With Client Impossible?

Remember the famous movie line, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”? Well, that’s how I’m feeling with a particularly hard-to-deal-with client, Jessie*. The problem is how to deal with this person without insulting Jessie and incurring the wrath of a disgruntled client. A little background on the situation: […]

Freelancing Writing

Work-life Balance Can Be Hard to Find for Many Freelancers

The work-life balance can be difficult to find for many freelancers, including freelance writers.  Self employment and freelancing are a around-the-clock job. No, you’re not working monster shifts (well, maybe sometimes), but when your home also is your workplace, work is never far away. This work-home balance is nothing new to entrepreneurs and working parents. When […]

Freelancing Writing

There are Key Differences Between Independent Contractors and Employees

Sometimes clients don’t get it.  Sometimes independent contactors don’t get it either.  An employee and an independent contractor are not the same thing, even if performing the same type of tasks, and the differences have been legally defined by the counts and Congress. What is an Independent Contractor? An independent contractor preforms services for another […]

Freelancing Writing

Freelancers Don’t Get Any Respect

Rodney Dangerfield made a career by declaring he received no respect. More precisely, he said, “I don’t get no respect!” which, being grammatically incorrect, actually means he does get respect, but I digress. Dangerfield was not referring to freelance writers or the self employed when he performed his comedy routine, but he might as well […]

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