How to Throw a Book Launch Party

How to Throw a Book Launch Party

How to Throw a Book Launch Party

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A book launch party is an excellent way to debut your newest novel to the world.  For those who are household names or have support of a large, traditional publisher, the party is probably thrown on your behalf.  For independent authors or those who don’t have a publisher’s support, the burden of throwing a party falls on them.

This doesn’t mean a party needs to break the bank.  Before you begin set a budget.  Next you’re going to either select a venue or a date.  If you want a specific venue, this could affect the date and vise versa.

Select a venue that helps you reach your goal whatever that might be – to sell books, to get press coverage, celebrate the book’s debut, etc.

Another option is to contact companies you know and use to see if you can gain some corporate sponsorship to cut down on costs.

Tips for Making Your Book Launch Party Successful

  • Try to attract media attention for the party. This added exposure could translate into new readers and fans.  Contact them a few weeks in advance and then follow up when the event is closer.  Book bloggers also are worth inviting, if they are local.
  • Promote the party on your website, social media, in your newsletter, in the community, to your family and friends, however you can.
  • Use images, music, decorations, etc., that reflect the themes of the book.
  • Personally greet all your guests.
  • Have guests sign a guest book with their name and email. This will help you build your newsletter mailing list.
  • Practice your speech. It doesn’t have to be formal.  Talk about your writing process.
  • Follow your speech by reading an excerpt from your book.
  • Include a question and answer session.
  • Have someone interview you.
  • Make it very easy for guests to purchase your book and sign it.
  • Tell guests where they can leave reviews once they have read your book.
  • Offer little extras such as bookmarks or a chance to win an object related to the book.
  • Plan a good party so guests enjoy themselves. Games can have a literary theme.  And don’t forget the food and drink menu.
  • Take photos and video you can later share online on your website and/or with your social media followers.
  • Be the last person to leave the party, even if it goes past its designated time.

Online Launch Parties

An alternative is to hold a virtual book launch.  These work best if you have a large online community.

You can offer one-on-one chats or access to a special online chat room for fans.

Here are some tips:

  • You could share the virtual event with other authors also launching books.
  • Advertise on social media. Invite all your followers and online friends.
  • Host a giveaway.
  • Have an itinerary for the party and keep it light and fun.
  • Make a video of yourself reading from your book and share it during the launch.

Remember, no matter what type of party you throw, be yourself and have fun.

Have you ever thrown or attended a book launch party?  Tell us about it below.

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