Works in Progress

Historical fiction and nonfiction works in progress by author Melina Druga

Curious what I’m working on?  Below is the list of my works-in-progress.  They are in various states of development with the works closest to publication listed first.

For a list of my published works, visit the Books page.

Current Works-in-Progress

Those Left Behind (part two in the WW1 trilogy)

While war rages in Europe, one family deals with change, tragedy and disagreements, and a once solid friendship is tested like never before.

Adjustment Year (part three in the WW1 trilogy)

It’s 1919.  Hettie, Freddie and Alfred are now back home in Canada.  Their adjustment to civilian life, and their new roles, is easier said than done.

Claire’s story (working title)

Hettie’s great-mother’s story.

Rose’s story (working title)

Hettie’s grandmother’s story.

Lucretia’s story (working title)

Hettie’s mother’s story.

The Great Blizzard (working title)

The tale of a Brooklyn family and the Great Blizzard of 1888.


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