When Women Become Business Owners (Contributor)

When Women Become Business Owners (Contributor)

Contributing Writer

Melina Druga's contribution to When Women Become Business Owners is “Chapter 24: How to Avoid Having a Poorly Written Website."

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Melina Druga
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Are you a business owner? A freelancer? A stay-at-home mom? Are you still working a nine-to-five job, but dream of working for yourself?

There is great joy and risk to becoming an entrepreneur. This anthology seeks to provide hope for the journey and a roadmap for finding balance as an entrepreneur.

When Women Become Business Owners provides solid business and faith-based advice from real twenty-two female entrepreneurs. Find wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement for those times when you may find road blocks or fear trying to snatch your dream away.

Genre: Nonfiction
Tag: Business Advice
Publisher: Tymm Publishing LLC
Publication Year: 2015
Format: print
Length: reference guide
List Price: 14.99
eBook Price: 4.99
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