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Women in the Workforce Before World War One

For centuries, women worked at home and on the family farm for no pay. It has really only has been in the past 200 years that women have been allowed to enter what was considered a man’s domain — the workforce. The idea of a woman working for an employer was shocking. Most considered the […]

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A Death Photo is Worth a Thousand Words

Post-mortem photography is one mourning ritual that did not survive the Victorian area. These photographs also are known as death photos, mourning portraits or memorial portraits, and, as the name implies, were taken of a deceased person. They were popular almost from the invention of photography until around 1900 when it became possible for ordinary people […]

Edwardian era History Victorian era Women's history

Women Behind the Wheel: The Freedom of Driving

The stereotype is that women are bad drivers. This stereotype no doubt got its start in the early days of the 20th century when motoring was thought of as a male pursuit. But there were some pioneering women who thought it was all nonsense. A woman could operate an automobile just as well as a […]

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Victorians Take Credit for These Customs and Traditions

Have you ever stopped to think about the origins of many of the customs and traditions we hold dear?  Most of these customs and traditions feel like they have been around forever, but many have existed for less than 200 years and originated with the Victorians. Here are three notable examples: Wedding Traditions Couples have […]

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Public Displays of Mourning — the Victorians and Edwardians

We live in a day and age where sex tapes make people celebrities, and the thought of one’s mortality makes people uncomfortable. There was once a time when the opposite was true. People were aware of the shadow of death and mourning was a public activity. Their sex lives, on the other hand, were never spoken […]

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