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Edith Cavell: Saving Lives Regardless of Political Affiliation

Edith Cavell was a heroine even before her name became internationally known.  She became a nurse in 1900 and devoted her life to saving the lives of others. Born Dec. 4, 1865 in Swardeston, United Kingdom, Cavell was the daughter of an Anglican minister. She started living in Belgium in 1907 where she served as matron of the […]

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A Time Line of Women’s Suffrage

Women’s suffrage is back in the news thanks the 2015 release of the film “Suffragette.” The movie follows a young woman caught up in the suffrage movement in 1912 London. Most of the characters are fictional, but Emmeline Pankhurst and Emily Davison were real individuals. Let’s take a look at the timeline of women’s suffrage […]

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How the Bicycle, and Bloomers, Changed the 1890s

The bicycle is a simple invention, but for woman, it became a symbol of freedom, mobility and athleticism.  For society, it became the symbol of change and upsetting the status quo. The bicycle craze of the 1890s began with the introduction of the “safety bicycle.” Although bicycles had been produced before, these newer versions had pneumatic […]

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Adultery and the Double Standard

There has always been a double standard when it comes to the battle of the sexes. Nowhere is this more evident in the Victorian age than when it comes to sexual intercourse itself. Victorians didn’t openly talk about sex, but it governed their lives. Sexual attitudes dictated clothing and decorating styles. Attitudes also necessitated the […]

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Domestic Violence Once Was Legal

Domestic violence has been with us since the beginning of human history. The term, however, is a 20th century invention. For most of history, domestic violence and spousal rape were part of everyday life. Why was this violence accepted?  Because it was the natural order of things. A man was supposed to display his authority […]

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World War One Changed Women’s Fashions

World War One brought about many changes for women, including suffrage and greater workplace freedom. Another area of change during this period is women’s fashion. When the 1910s began, styles were very similar to those of the previous decade. Clothing, however, was beginning to show the shape of the female body, and the S-shape curve […]

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Naughty Nudes

Warning: This post features antique photographs of nudes. The Victorians gave us many things: the white wedding dress, air conditioning, the concept of childhood, the automobile, increased women’s rights and the telephone, just to name a few. They also gave us pornography. Yes, pornography. Soon after the invention of photography, the erotic industry was born. “The Victorian period […]

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Family Size and Life Expectancy in 1910

The stereotype is that people who lived in the early 20th, century were ignorant of how the reproductive system works, had large families, and died when they were entering what we would now consider middle age. In reality, this view better represents the mid-19th century, when high infant mortality rates combined with farms needing many […]

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World War One Changes Women’s Roles in the Workforce

This is the second of two parts on women in the workforce. Read part one. Women entered the 20th century with a world of opportunities. As the new century dawned, it was becoming increasingly common and acceptable for women to work.  Women continued to do many of the same professions they had before – they […]

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Women in the Workforce Before World War One

For centuries, women worked at home and on the family farm for no pay. It has really only has been in the past 200 years that women have been allowed to enter what was considered a man’s domain — the workforce. The idea of a woman working for an employer was shocking. Most considered the […]

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The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire: A Workplace Tragedy with Positive Consequences

It’s hard to imagine a time when there weren’t government regulations to protect workers’ safety. But 100 years ago, those were the conditions that existed. No one had any reason to question it. However, that all changed on the day of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. What is a shirtwaist? It’s a type of blouse. It […]

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Illegitimate children: The Tiniest Casualties of World War One

When you hear the term “casualty of war,” what do you think of? Do you think of fallen or wounded soldiers? Refugees? Perhaps you might even take it a step further and think of the families affected by the loss of a loved one?  How about illegitimate children? Did they come to mind? In World […]

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