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Illegitimate children: The Tiniest Casualties of World War One

When you hear the term “casualty of war,” what do you think of? Do you think of fallen or wounded soldiers? Refugees? Perhaps you might even take it a step further and think of the families affected by the loss of a loved one?  How about illegitimate children? Did they come to mind? In World […]

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Canada: Our Fascinating Neighbor to the North

I have always been a history lover, and I am obsessed with World War One to the point of addiction. In recent years, this focus has grown to include Canada and its history. Why, you may ask, would an American be interested in Canada? It began with the conception of my novel, Angel of Mercy. The […]

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The Writing Process: My Novel and Me

Conventional wisdom says there are multiple steps in the creative writing process. These steps can vary depending on the type of project and who is writing the steps. Most often the steps are some variation of Prewriting Writing Revising Editing Publishing My own fiction writing process looks like this: The Idea Stage: This is where […]

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“Mama, we all go to hell”

Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places. Who would have guessed a hard rock song could inspire an entire historical fiction novel? But that’s exactly what happened with my novel, Angel of Mercy.  It was inspired entirely by the song “Mama” from My Chemical Romance‘s album Welcome to the Black Parade. The song begins and […]

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