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Meet the Bartlettes: Extended Family in the WW1 Trilogy

The Bartlettes are extended family to the Stewards in my WW1 Trilogy.  The trilogy is comprised of Angel of Mercy (released in 2019), Those Left Behind (estimated publication date of 2020 or 2021) and Adjustment Year (to follow six months later). Here are the six members of the Bartlette family: Amelia: Amelia has been friends […]

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Meet the Stewards: The Main Characters in the WW1 Trilogy

The Stewards are the main characters in my WW1 Trilogy comprised of Angel of Mercy (released in 2019), Those Left Behind (estimated publication date of 2020 or 2021) and Adjustment Year (to follow six months later). Here are the 10 members of the Steward family: Benjamin: The man of the family, although perhaps not its […]

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Everything You Need to Know About My WW1 Trilogy

My historical fiction WW1 trilogy is comprised of Angel of Mercy (released in 2019), Those Left Behind (estimated publication date of 2020 or 2021) and Adjustment Year (to follow six months later).    Here’s your guide to the trilogy.  Some spoilers ahead! Each One is a Stand Alone Story Each novel in the trilogy is its […]

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Little House on the Prairie: The Most Influential Book I Ever Read

Authors often are asked, “What was the most influential book you ever read?” or “Which author inspired you?”  I was an avid reader throughout my youth and young adulthood, graduated with a degree in English, and Edith Wharton is my favorite author.  However, the most influential book was Little House on the Prairie by Laura […]

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‘Never Pleasing to the World: A Man and His Slaves’ Examines Man Who Emancipated Hundreds of Slaves

In her debut novel, Never Pleasing to the World: A Man and His Slaves, author Peggy Patterson Garland creates a fictionalized biography of Revolutionary War-era abolitionist Robert Carter III. Carter was born in 1728 and was a member of Virginia’s Council of State from 1758 to 1776.  The novel follows him from early childhood to late adulthood, […]

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‘Passover,’ a Novel on the Holocaust, 15 Years in the Making

It took author Jeff Yocum 15 years to complete his historical fiction novel, Passover.  While some of that time was in the planning process, he also conducted exhaustive research.  Yocum was inspired to write the novel after taking a tour of Auschwitz that was conducted by Eva Moses Kor. Kor survived experiments Dr. Josef Mengele performed on […]

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‘A Ferrie Tale’ Presents a Picture of the JFK Assassination

In his debut novel, A Ferrie Tale, author David T. Beddow tells the tale of David Ferrie, a man who was suspected of having been involved in a criminal conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. Ferrie was a pilot, scientist, Catholic priest, Castro fighter and agent of the mob. Beddow presents Ferrie has having multiple layers of complicated and […]

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‘Washed Away’ Tackles the Tragic Day in 1911 When the Dam Broke

The recently released novel, Washed Away by Jason Gray, Jr. tackles a very weighty subject.  The historical fiction novel takes readers to the scene of the 1911 dam break in Austin, PA., that killed dozens. On Sept. 30, 1911, the dam servicing the Bayless Pulp and Paper Mill burst and destroyed the town.  The dam […]

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6 WW1 Historical Fiction Novels that Bring the War to Life

World War I ended in November 1918, but it hasn’t failed to capture our imaginations.  Perhaps it is because it was thought to be “the war to end all wars,” or it could be because of the destruction in caused, not just in terms of lives and property, but to politics and social economics.  Or […]

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5 Victorian Era Writers that Tell Us What the Gilded Age Was Really Like

Nonfiction can be used to inform as Jacob Riis did in How the Other Half Lives or Nelly Bly in Ten Days in a Mad-House, but literature has the unique ability of telling readers about the human condition without preaching.  Often readers don’t even realize they are learning something about society or reading commentary.  Here […]

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Book Reviews Matter: Here’s Why

Are you an avid reader?  If so, when was the last time you left a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads?  If it’s been a while, you’re not alone.  Many readers neglect* to leave book reviews.  Reviews, however, are vitally important in today’s digital world. They are mutually beneficial to readers and authors.  Here’s how: Readers […]

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