Family Upheaval

Family drama is the name of the game in this emotional follow-up to Sex and Surprises, as Cassandra Hardwick is forced to deal with the fallout when a casually taken DNA test turns up some life-changing results.

Cassie was just trying to support her best friend. Shawna never knew who her parents were, but jumping into the deep end with genetic testing was too scary to go it alone. Neither of them expected to find a bunch of strangers listed among Cassie’s closest relations.

When Cassie was growing up, it seemed like her extended family always had each other’s backs. That’s what tight-knit clans do, after all. Looking back on it, however, maybe things haven’t always been as happy as she thought. How did she miss the warning signs? And what is she supposed to do when she finds out these new relatives might want to get to know her?

Moving through the final years of the 2010s, the sixth entry in The Rock Star’s Wife sees alliances tested and familial bonds broken, as Cassie and her family — those she grew up with and ones only recently uncovered — reckon with their now-complicated history.

Family Upheaval by Melina Druga

Coming August 2025