Proofreading and Copy Editing Services

Copy editing ensures existing copy flows smoothly by checking text for errors that hamper its readability. These errors include grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity, flow, wordiness, inconsistency and inaccuracy. Proofreading is the final step in the editing process. It is done before publication to ensure a typo doesn’t ruin your document, website or manuscript.

It doesn’t matter how great your book, product or service is. If you can’t communicate clearly, no one will know. A professional editor will make your web content, marketing materials or manuscript more professional and present your message clearly and concisely.

We are judged by our writing.  People make assumptions about such things as education, level of commitment and attention to details.

This isn’t anything new.  In 1999, a survey found that nearly 75 percent of participants made judgments on expertise, trustworthiness, reputation, and authority, based on a website’s content presentation rather than the content itself.

Poor spelling and grammar mistakes is the sixth most common reason for high bounce rates, according to KickoffLabs.

Typos Can Hurt Your Chances of Career Advancement

Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit and founder of Dozuki, argued in Harvard Business Review that “grammar is relevant for all companies. Yes, language is constantly changing, but that doesn’t make grammar unimportant. Good grammar is credibility, especially on the internet. In blog posts, on Facebook statuses, in e-mails, and on company websites, your words are all you have. They are a projection of you in your physical absence. And, for better or worse, people judge you if you can’t tell the difference between their, there, and they’re.”

According to Wiens, grammar skills are indicative of intellectual aptitude, professionalism, credibility, and the ability to analyze and explain complex problems.

Finally, a review of 100 LinkedIn profiles found that those who were promoted to director level or above positions within the first 10 years of their careers made fewer grammatical mistakes.

Asking Yourself, “Should I Hire a Freelance Editor”?

 The answer is a resounding “yes.”  Here’s why:

    • Mistakes make you look unprofessional.
    • Authors are too close to their work to notice mistakes.
    • Your message will be presented clearly and concisely.
    • You’ll learn where your writing is unclear or confusing.
    • You’ll benefit from a fresh set of eyes reviewing your writing and offering a different perspective.

John will copy edit or proofread the following

  • web copy
  • blogs
  • manuscripts
  • marketing materials
  • documents

Types of Clients John Provides Copy Editing and Proofreading Services

  • Small-business owners
  • Online media
  • Authors
  • Any business or organization that doesn't have an in-house writing staff
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