Rewriting Services

Clear communication is the cornerstone of any business. It’s needed to communicate with both customers and staff. Text that isn’t written well can confuse readers and should be rewritten for clarity. This service is ideal for those for whom English is a second language and professionals who are experts in their fields but not strong writers.

Rewriting takes existing copy and improves its grammar, punctuation, style and flow without altering the original author’s voice.  People who would benefit most from this service are those for whom English is their second language and professionals who are experts in their fields but not strong writers.

Rewriting also can take the form of taking copy from an existing source and modifying it for a new purpose.  An example of this would be taking a company’s blog posts and creating an eBook.

What You Can Expect if You Work with Melina:

  • Skill: I have experience taking complex information and breaking it down for a general audience as well as conducting research and interviews. Whether you need a conversational tone or a professional one, I can meet your specifications.
  • Professionalism: I'm a motivated, self-starter with a keen attention to detail and a desire to learn new skills.
  • Personalized attention: I listen to your project needs and incorporate your feedback. I provide professional advice and guidance as needed to help you reach your writing goals.
  • Consistent Voice: All text will maintain your company’s vision and voice.
  • Promptness: I have never missed a deadline.
  • Honesty: If I cannot provide you with the highest quality prose, I will not take the job.
I highly recommend Melina Druga for her expertise in her writing skills. Melina edited my bio for my website and for my listing presentations. She did her own research and pulled content I had in other areas of my social media websites and my business websites. I would highly recommend Melina Druga to update your bio with a bite! I will use Melina Druga again soon. Thank you so much!!
Danette Roberts
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