Holiday Headaches

Nobody said parenthood was going to be easy, but the holidays are really taking it out of Cassandra Hardwick’s family in the third Christmas interlude of The Rock Star’s Wife.

Cassie and her husband haven’t established a solid parenting routine, given that he’s usually on tour. Now, with Nat at home in the Chicago suburbs and the 2004 holiday season fast approaching, these first-time parents have their hands full with baby Megan.

Meanwhile, back in Sterling, Cassie’s cousin and his wife are experiencing what can only be described as Murphy’s Law run amok. From a photo with Santa gone horribly wrong to an automotive accident that keeps right on giving, these two sure aren’t getting the gladdest of tidings this year.

Finally, in Minneapolis, Cassie’s sister and brother-in-law try to salvage some merriment for their sons and daughter in the face of mounting debt — one that threatens to force them to move back to Sterling.

Can these three couples find some Yuletide magic, or are they headed for a disastrous holiday season? Told in three vignettes that range from side-splitting to serious, Holiday Headaches is the perfect Christmastime read for fans on the go.

Holiday Headaches by Melina Druga

Coming September 2025