Holiday Homecoming

Set during the events of Rock Star Romance, this wintry interlude in the Rock Star’s Wife series follows two couples wrestling with family drama in the midst of holiday cheer.

Cassie Economos’s family hasn’t met her new boyfriend yet. To tell the truth, she isn’t sure she wants them to; things went catastrophically wrong the last time she brought a guy home for the holidays. To avoid embarrassment and hopefully save her burgeoning romance from crashing and burning in the aftermath, Cassie puts Nat through meet-the-Economoses bootcamp in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

But trouble is brewing back home in Sterling, where Jennifer, Cassie’s friend turned cousin-by-marriage, has just learned her absentee father wants to rebuild his relationship with his daughters. No one seems to know how Jennifer should respond — least of all herself.

Meanwhile, the men in Cassie’s and Jennifer’s lives are just trying to make it through the holidays. Phil’s willing to try anything to help his wife weather the coming storm, and Nat just wants to make a good first impression and ease his girlfriend’s fears.

Holiday Homecoming moves between these four young narrators as they figure out where they stand against external forces and internal desires.

Holiday Homecoming by Melina Druga