How many genres do I write? Three.

How Many Genres Do You Write?

How many genres do I write.  Three.  I am a multi-genre author.  That wasn’t always the plan.   When I was a child beginning my writing journey, I dreamed of becoming a famous novelist.   This is still the plan, but it’s taken a much more circuitous than I ever anticipated.

I achieved a degree in English and worked for a time as a reporter and copy editor for my hometown newspaper.  I met my husband, John, a fellow copy editor, in the newsroom.  I have been self employed as a freelance writer since 2011, working with small, mostly female-led companies, and online publications.

I published my first book nearly a decade ago, and I write nonfiction, historical fiction and chick lit.  Here’s a primer on my books.


My first book, Enterprising Women:  Practical Advice for First Time Entrepreneurs, debuted in 2013.   It was inspired by John’s and my failed experience owning a gift basket company.  It was followed by eight other nonfiction books:  Enterprising Women:  A Practical Guide to Starting Your First Business, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918, A Tale of Two Nations:  Canada, U.S. and WWI; and Heinous:  Forgotten Murders from the 1910s.

A Tale of Two Nations is the story of two North American countries that found themselves embroiled in an European war – one by circumstance and one by choice.  It looks at the war from a journalistic perspective.  It was published as a complete edition and in five parts.

Heinous explores crimes stories that made headlines more than a century ago and provides insight into how the media covered sensational crimes.

Historical Fiction

I made the switch to fiction in 2019, publishing Angel of Mercy, the first novel in my WWI trilogy.  It was followed by Those Left Behind and Adjustment Year in 2020 and 2021.  They are the warfront story, the home front story and the homecoming story respectively.  Two of the three stories follow Hettie, a nurse, while the third story follows her family.

I am currently finishing a trio of novellas – Journey of Hope, Rose’s Assignment, and The Unmarriable Kind – that tell the stories of Hettie’s mother, grandmother and great-grandmother during pivotal points as young women.  They will launch in 2022.

Chick Lit

To cope with the pandemic, I buried myself in my work and wrote a contemporary chick lit series, a story about sex, family and rock & roll.  That’s all I’m saying about it for now.  More in 2022.

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Learn More About My Books

I’m a multi-genre author of numerous books.  I write contemporary fiction, historical fiction and nonfiction.

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