Journey of Hope

Journey of Hope by Melina Druga

Hardship defines Claire’s life.  Her husband, Harold, dreams of greater opportunity.  A treacherous journey lies ahead.

1829. Claire Appleton experiences an arduous life filled with hard work, struggle and sacrifice in the rugged British North American wilderness. In her entire lifetime, she hasn’t traveled more than a few miles from her hometown.

Harold dreams of adventure and suggests uprooting their lives and traveling 900 miles in search of a better life. Content, Claire resists. 

Claire’s mind, however, changes when her drunken father-in-law threatens to the kill her family.  Getting away from him is the best thing they could do, but a journey comes with risk.  Many aspects could go wrong, and often do for travelers. 

Will the Appletons’ journey of hope end safely?  Will they achieve success?    

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