Journey of Hope by Melina Druga

Novella Journeys Through the 19th Century Canadian Wilderness

Journey of Hope Available January 11

Journey of Hope, an historical fiction novella by Melina Druga, tells the story of Claire Appleton, who lives a simple life in 1829 New Brunswick with her husband, Harold, and their infant son.

The family inhabits a shack, complete with dirt floors and icicles that hang from the ceiling during the winter. It’s a hard life, but Claire is content. Harold is not. He yearns for a better existence and dreams of adventure.  One evening, he suggests uprooting their lives and traveling 900 miles in search of opportunity.

Claire, however, resists.  She changes her mind when her drunken father-in-law threatens to the kill the family.  Getting away from him is the best action they can take, but a journey of 900 miles is ripe with risk.  Many aspects could go wrong, and often do.

Will the Appletons’ journey of hope end safely?  Will they achieve success?

Available on Amazon and launching April 26 on Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Kobo, Indigo, and Angus and Robertson.

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About the Author

Druga is a multi-genre author with a lifelong love of history, books and the English language.  She pens historical fiction and nonfiction.  Druga writes about the past because although school history classes may have been boring, the past was not. Druga’s other interests and hobbies include listening to music, yoga, photography, astronomy, travel and healthy eating.

Druga lives in Ohio with her husband and daughter.  This is her fourth novel.  She also is the author of nine nonfiction books.