Meet the Stewards: The Main Characters in the WW1 Trilogy

The Stewards are the main characters in the WW1 Trilogy

Meet the Stewards: The Main Characters in the WW1 Trilogy

Melina Druga
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Angel of Mercy by Melina DrugaThe Stewards are the main characters in my WW1 Trilogy comprised of Angel of Mercy (released in 2019), Those Left Behind (estimated publication date of 2020 or 2021) and Adjustment Year (to follow six months later).

Here are the 10 members of the Steward family:

  1. Benjamin: The man of the family, although perhaps not its leader.  He is an intellectual who instilled in his children an sense of curiosity and an appreciation of learning.  He treated sons and daughters equally and supports their adult decisions even though he doesn’t always agree with or even understand them.
  2. Lucretia: The domineering personality in the family, she always must voice her opinion and always believes she is right.  This often causes conflict with her children – some of whom rebel against her and some of whom cater to her.
  3. Ida: Benjamin and Lucretia’s eldest child.  She is responsible and protective of her siblings.  She is married to James and they have three daughters.
  4. Walter: The eldest son.  He, too, is responsible and protective.  He is married to Dorothea with one son.
  5. Mabel: Mabel has perhaps the meekest personality of her siblings, lacking self esteem to stand up for herself.  She is her parents’ favorite because she never gives them trouble.  She is married to Gardner and has three sons.
  6. Henrietta “Hettie”: Headstrong, she is one of two children to give her parents the most trouble.  She loves her job as a nurse and wished women were allowed both a career and a marriage, as she desires to have both simultaneously.  She can become very shortsighted when stressed.
  7. Frederick “Freddie”: The sibling closest in age to Hettie, he is the other child to chronically give their parents trouble.  He is a constable before the war and would do anything for his sister.
  8. Thomas “Tommy”: The most sensitive and creative of the Steward children, Tommy struggles to be viewed as an adult.  He marries Maeve Bartlette, but like Hettie’s marriage to Geoffrey Bartlette, their marriage is doomed to be short.
  9. Alice: Alice is a younger version of Lucretia, making her a challenging child.
  10. Adelaide: The youngest Steward child, she is studious and seeks to have a career.

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