My blog posts have moved

Most of My Blog Posts are Gone. Here’s Why.

If you’re a frequent visitor to my blog, you may have noticed something is different.  Most of my blog posts are missing.  Don’t worry. They haven’t been deleted.  They’ve simply moved.

When I started blogging, I was in the developmental stage for Angel of Mercy.  All my posts were companion pieces to the novel.  Little did I know I would ultimately write six historical fiction books, nine nonfiction books and have a contemporary series in the works.  All this means, the blog has gotten disorganized over the years.  And, from a technical standpoint, the website as a whole loaded very slowly because of all the posts and the images contained in them.

I’ve been wanting to the organize the blog for some time, and it feels great to finally have it finished.

Where Have the Posts Gone?

Here’s a list of where my posts moved.  The posts appear in the new locations with their original publication dates and are searchable using the box in the right sidebars.

  • Posts about World War I, the Edwardian era and the Victorian era: These are the bulk of my posts and are companion pieces to the WWI Trilogy – Angel of Mercy, Those Left Behind and Adjustment Year.  They have moved to
  • Posts about the 1820s: These are companion pieces to Journey of Hope.  They have moved to
  • Posts about the 1850s: These are companion pieces to Rose’s Assignment.  They will publish through May 12, 2022.  They will publish on
  • Posts about the 1880s: These are companion pieces to The Unmarriable Kind.  They will publish through July 7, 2022.  They will publish on

Posts that were companion pieces to my nonfiction books also have moved.  You can find them on

Finally, blog posts related to my upcoming contemporary fiction series will publish on  Visit the newsletter page and sign up to receive email notifications when new posts are published.

What Can You Find on This Blog?

So what remains on this blog?  The following:

  • Topics related to writing
  • Book launch announcements
  • Book excerpts
  • Other news

Thank you for reading my posts.  I hope you will enjoy the cleaner, more organized sites.