Mother Jones to Speak at Copper Mine Strike: This Week in History

Mother Jones

Mother Jones to Speak at Copper Mine Strike: This Week in History

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Workers at a copper mine in Calumet, Mich., were striking this week 107 years ago, and 80-year-old union activist Mother Jones was expected to speak, several newspapers reported.

On Aug. 2, union representatives claimed “the mining companies had organized a body of guards to take the place of state troops and stated that a reign of terror would be the result of such an action,” the Miami Herald reported.

Four days later, the governor was planning on recalling the state troops.

Roads in the area were congested with people because Mother Jones was planning on speaking later that day.

Union Activist Speaks

A crowd of about 3,000 who gathered to met Mother Jones at the train station was respectful, the Calumet News said.  She traveled to union headquarters to speak with reporters and union representatives.

“These strike movements are the greatest fun in the world,” Jones said.

Jones told the men about conditions surrounding a coal strike in West Virginia, and she was going to speak to the women of Calumet to get the men to fall in line.

“Mother Jones stated she would talk to both sides of the dispute while here, and endeavor to restore harmony,” the News said.  “This, she declared, was her whole object.  This was done in West Virginia, she said, and saw no reason why it couldn’t be carried out here.”

While in town, Jones declined to have someone drive her and said she would “march with the boys.”

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