Mr. Right is a Myth Launches Today

Mr. Right is a Myth by Melina Druga

Co-ed Cassandra Economos has a plan.  Earn her degree then move into a Chicago penthouse.  If she can meet a guy who accepts her, high sex drive and all, that’s an added bonus.  But how many frogs must she kiss before she meets a prince?

Weeks before high school graduation, Jason Brookes broke my heart.   I didn’t love him.  Still don’t.  What broke my heart is the accusation that I have no ambition.  He said all I think about is sex.  If that’s true, then how did I become class salutatorian and earn a full ride scholarship to the University of Illinois?

I’m prepared to start dating again.  A guy must exist who will accept me for me, right, even if I am always horny?

I once had that guy, but I let him slip through my fingers.  Maybe things would have turned out differently had I realized the quality of guy I had when we were dating.  Todd Miller, my first real boyfriend, not only accepted me, he treated me with kindness and understanding, and he loved me.

I think about Todd constantly. No one lives up to his standard.  Believe me, I’m trying to find someone who does, but increasingly I’m convinced Mr. Right is a myth created to trick dewy-eyed romantic girls.  Is there a guy made for me?  Is there the “one”?

Book two in The Rock Star’s Wife series, a series about sex, family, and rock & roll.  It contains coarse language, sexual situations and adult themes, and is intended for mature audiences.

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