Readers and Reviewers: Here’s How You Can Get My Books for Free

Readers and Reviewers: Here’s How You Can Get My Books for Free

Recently, I achieved one my writing goals for 2019 – to enroll my books in Amazon KDP Select.  Why do I consider this an achievement?  Getting enrolled was easier said than done.

The agreement an author makes with Amazon is that in exchange for being enrolled in the program, an author won’t sell her eBooks on any other retailer’s website or even offer them on her own site.  This means I had to remove my books from every retailer but Amazon.

The removal process went smoothly everywhere but Smashwords.  While my books were removed from Smashwords immediately, the process wasn’t as easy with the dozens of websites Smashwords distributes to.  It took Blio 20 days and countless emails for the company to complete the process.  By then, it had reached the point where I thought my business plans were going to be ruined by one website.

Thank goodness they weren’t.  I’m now able to offer my eBooks to readers and book reviewers for free.

One Day Only Sale

All eBooks will be available for free Feb. 14.

All books can be found on my Amazon profile. 

Missed the Free Day?

Don’t worry.  All my books (including all future releases) will be available for free five out of every 90 days.  The scheduled can be found at:

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