Sexual Awakening coming February 2023

Preorder Sexual Awakening

We’re two months away from the launch of my next eBook, Sexual Awakening.  Currently, it is available only on Amazon and can be preordered today for 99 cents.  This is an introductory price and is valid through the end of February.  If you prefer physical books, the paperback and hardcover versions of Sexual Awakening are available now.

The book blurb:

Teenager Cassandra Economos loves five things: Her awesome friends. Her big fat, dysfunctional, Greek family. Rock music. Her plan to move to Chicago. And Kurt Cobain.  Soon, she’ll gain another love.  Sex.  Stifled by her family’s rules, how will Cassie explore her sexuality?

Everything I know about sex I learned from health class diagrams and from reading erotica books I secretly borrowed.

Boys never paid attention to me in middle school.  Then it happens.  Keith Cook starts a conversation with me.  We play Seven Minutes In Heaven, and somehow he’s my boyfriend.  My sister tells me he isn’t a great one because he never calls, and he keeps pressuring me do things I’m not ready to do.  After Kurt dies, I realize life is short and nothing’s stopping me from having sex with Keith.  Except for one thing – he betrays my trust.

That same week, Todd Miller comforts me when I ditch class to mourn Kurt.  Todd’s definitely an upgrade from Keith.  He listens and can hold an intelligent conversation.  He cares about my opinion.  And he has a body all the girls drool over.

Our first kiss is mutual.   The first time he touches me is mutual.  When he pops my cherry, that’s mutual, too, even if I am jail bait.  We said we’d wait until I turn 17, but we just couldn’t.  We want to be together so badly it hurts. I never feel pressured with Todd.  That’s how it’s supposed to be, isn’t it, when a guy cares about you?

Book one in The Rock Star’s Wife series, a series about sex, family, and rock & roll.  It contains coarse language, sexual situations and adult themes, and is intended for mature audiences.

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