Tips for Publishing Through a Small Publisher

Tips for Publishing Through a Small Publisher

Tips for Publishing Through a Small Publisher

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Some smaller publishing houses do not require authors be represented by literary agents.  These publishing houses allow authors to query directly.  How do you find the right publisher?

Research is key.  The print or online version of the Writer’s Market will be a valuable resource. If you have author friends who write in your genre, you also could ask for a recommendation.

Things to Be Aware of When Searching for a Publisher:

  • Independently research any publisher you’re interested in querying and avoid those with bad reputations.
  • Lack of a sales record.
  • Poor quality books.
  • Contracts that do not provide you with a fair share of sales.

Tips for Submitting Your Manuscript:

  • Only submit a completed, professionally edited manuscript.
  • Only submit to publishing houses that specialize in your genre.
  • Read submission guidelines thoroughly and follow them completely.
  • Keep records of when you contacted specific publishers. This will avoid the embarrassing mistake of querying twice.
  • Be patient. It takes months to hear a response.

Like with anything, if a publishing house sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Be prepared to walk away if necessary.

Have you every contacted a small publisher?  What was the result?  Leave a comment below.

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