Love to read and give authors honest reviews?

Join the Street Team

Love to read and give authors honest reviews? Apply to join my team!

I’m building a review team for The Rock Star’s Wife series. 

Although I did write each book to be read either as a standalone or with the series, some reviewers in the past have said they would have liked a book better had they read the previous book(s).   I’m concerned people will feel more lost as the series goes on and then will base their reviews not on the book but their confusion about X, Y or Z. 

Conversely, other reviewers have said things like, “I can’t wait to see what happens next” only to not review the next book.  There could have been personal reasons for this, or they simply may not have seen the call for reviewers for the other books.

How the Team Works

So here is how the review team would work:  A member joins and is given the ARC for Sexual Awakening, book one in the series.  If she likes it, she would move on to Mr. Right is a Myth, book two.  If she likes that, she would move onto Rock Star Romance, etc., until the series is complete.  The four holiday companion novellas also are available for review.

Members can bow out, permanently or temporarily, at any time, and new members can join at any time. 

The Fine Print

Preference will be given to reviewers who are able to leave reviews on

This is a voluntary position.  The only payment is free eBooks.

Please review books within 30 days of claiming a copy.

The series is chick lit/women’s lit with elements of romance and erotica.

In the series you’ll find

  • Strong language
  • Open door sex scenes
  • Adult situations and topics
  • Family drama
  • First person observations on sex, family and life

Please do not apply if you are uncomfortable with any of the above.  If you’re still with me, here’s how to apply:

Four Ways to Join

  1. By Becoming a Member of Cassandra’s Crew on Booksprout
  1. Via email

Email me the following information.  Please put “Review Team” in the subject line, so you don’t get caught in the spam filter.

  • Have you reviewed any of the books in the series before? If so, where and which titles?
  • What is the link to your Amazon profile?
  • What is the link to your Goodreads profile?
  • What is the link to your BookBub profile?
  • Do you have a file type preference? PDF, ePub or MOBI?
  • Is there any other information you’d like me to consider?
  1. Through the PR Companies I Work With

PitVixen Author Services:

Happily Booked PR:

  1. By Claiming Your Copy on Prolific Works
  • Visit . You’ll find most of my older books there as well.
  • Only 50 copies are available per book. Once 50 copies are download, the ARC will no longer be available on the site.
  • If all the books are not showing on the above link, contact me with the book’s title for the direct URL.  Please put “Review Team” in the subject line, so you don’t get caught in the spam filter.