Rock Star Mom

The rock star’s wife is back and better than ever in Rock Star Mom.

When she decided to pursue a relationship with Nat, Cassie knew what she was getting herself into. His responsibilities as the frontman for Dramatic Sneezer keep him on the road for weeks, or even months, at a time. Spending that much time away from him was hard enough when they were dating, but now Nat’s tour dates leave Cassie to raise their infant daughter alone.

Still, she’s totally rocking this whole motherhood thing. Sure, she had to lie to Nat about missing his daughter’s first steps, and Megan might be forgetting how to say “DaDa” while her dad’s out of town, but Cassie’s holding down the fort. She’s got her act together, 100 percent. She might even have the book deal she’s always wanted.

What neither she nor anyone else knows, however, is that there’s a big surprise waiting just around the bend — one that could make her rethink this rock-and-roll living arrangement.

The fourth installment in the Rock Star’s Wife series, Rock Star Mom follows Cassie through her unglamorous daily life in the Chicago suburbs, as she struggles to balance raising a family with the pursuit of her long-held aspirations.

Rock Star Mom by Melina Druga