Rock Star Parents

Things come full circle for erotica author Cassandra Hardwick as her teenage kids wade into the mire of dating and sex, in the final chapter of The Rock Star’s Wife.

Cassie thought she’d handle her kids’ comings-of-age differently than the conservative Economos family dealt with hers. But she finds herself at a near-total loss when faced with parenting teenagers — an endeavor that includes accidentally walking in on her son exploring himself, helping her younger daughter shop for bras, and discovering that her oldest may have just as high a libido as she does.

Of course, she’s not the only Economos dealing with sex-related drama. Her brother’s stressing out over his unmarried daughter’s pregnancy. And just as Chris stops worrying that their unfaithful father has left an indelible mark on his descendants, the Economoses learn they may have even more half-siblings in Illinois.

It’s been a long, crazy journey for Cassie, and there’s still plenty of track left on this roller coaster ride. You won’t want to miss the stunning conclusion to this 33-year adventure.


Rock Star Parents by Melina Druga

Coming August 2026