Sex & Surprises

Cassandra Hardwick wouldn’t trade having her globetrotting husband home for anything, but will their barely tested parenting plans hold up when a new baby gets added to the mix?

Cassie’s spent the last five years feeling like a single parent to Megan and Josh while Nat was touring the country with Dramatic Sneezer. Now that his wife’s writing career is taking off, however, there’s less pressure on Nat to play show after relentless show, and he can finally offer Cassie some much-needed relief from running the household.

Of course, that’s not all he brings to the table. With no tour dates to stand in their way, the couple waste no time indulging their high libidos. But when Cassie discovers she’s pregnant with their third child, the routine they’ve just begun to establish gets ripped out from under them, and everything suddenly seems to be in a state of flux.

Spanning six years of Cassie’s diary entries, Sex and Surprises follows the eponymous Rock Star’s Wife as she tries to balance a happy marriage, healthy parenting, and a promising career — all while reckoning with the challenges a growing family brings.

Sex & Surprises by Melina Druga

Coming February 2025