Spanish-American War Progresses: This Week in History

Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War

Spanish-American War Progresses: This Week in History

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There are contradicting reports out of the Spanish newspaper, the Imparcial, the Montreal Gazette reported July 21, 1898, on the progress of the Spanish-American War.

One version of events said Spain should ask for peace because no other course of action was possible.  The other version was that the Americans have treated Spanish prisoners better than the Germans treated the French in 1871 during the Franco-Prussian War.

The Spanish premier denied ordering Santiago, Cuba, to be surrendered to the Americans.

“There appears to be much ill-feeling owning to the statement that the capitulation of Santiago was made upon an understanding with President McKinley that it meant the conclusion of hostilities on the side of the Americans, but on the contrary, it means increased energy in the pursuance of a war of territorial capture,” the Gazette said.

The United States had been tricking Spain, the Gazette said.

Spain, the newspaper reported, would prefer Cuba to be under American control than be independent.  The riches of Cuba belong to Spain, it said, and would be better protected under American control.

“A Spanish general today said that he was confident that the Cuban volunteers would fight with the Americans against the separatists of Manigua,” the Gazette said.

Can you imagine how the Cubans felt during this conflict?  Their opinion was disregarded by both warring parties.  Leave a comment below.

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