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Bathroom and Kitchen Tech at the Turn of the 20th Century

In real estate, bathrooms and kitchens often make or break a sale. In the late 19th century, indoor plumbing was becoming commonplace, and homes were increasingly becoming electrified.  This meant that kitchens and bathrooms were, perhaps for the first time, an important consideration when buying or renting a home. Bathroom Tech After bathing and toilet […]

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The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906

In the early morning of April 18, 1906, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked San Francisco. Within minutes it became one of the most devastating natural disasters of the 20th century, coming just a few years after the Galveston Hurricane. The quake had been preceded for decades by smaller earthquakes, foreshadowing what was to come.  At […]

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Trial of the 20th Century: the Thaw-White Murder

Decades before O.J. Simpson was charged with the murder of his ex-wife, there was another court case labeled “the trial of the century”. The case was known as the Thaw-White Murder, and it involved everything that makes crimes compelling to the general public – a celebrity, salacious sex and jealousy. Evelyn Nesbit The celebrity at […]

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