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5 Things I Learned While Writing A Tale of Two Nations

If you’ve been studying a subject for as long as I have, you may think there isn’t anything left to discover. I’ve been studying World War I and how it changed the lives of ordinary people since I was a teenager. When I embarked on writing A Tale of Two Nations: Canada. U.S. and WW1, […]

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America’s Preparedness Movement

European armies were larger than they had been even before the outbreak of World War I. Millions served on both sides and with them were the most technologically sophisticated and advanced military machinery of the day. More than 13 million men served in the German Army alone and were widely regarded as the most disciplined […]

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Battle of the Somme: “Metaphor for Futile and Indiscriminate Slaughter”

The Battle of the Somme was fought July 1-November 18, 1916, near the Somme River in France. The battle was part of a plan for attacks to be conducted simultaneously on the Western, Eastern and Italian fronts to distract the Central Powers.  In this case, the battle was intended to relieve the pressure placed on […]

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The Battle of St Eloi: A Landscape Riddled with Craters

The Battle of St. Eloi was fought March 27 to April 16, 1916 near St. Eloi, Belgium. The Ypres salient was active throughout the war and the site of numerous attacks and counterattacks. The nations involved were Canada, Great Britain and Germany. “When day broke, the sights that met our gaze were so horrible and ghastly […]

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