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Domestic Servants at the Turn of the 20th Century

Having a family member “in service” or being in service yourself was common before the end of World War I.  Domestic servants were needed to run the expansive homes of the upper middle class and wealthy prior to the invention of many electric conveniences. While today we may think of working as a maid, for […]

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A List of Bygone Era Careers and Occupations

Technology has been changing the face of the working world since the Industrial Revolution. Technology creates new employment opportunities while making other occupations obsolete. Think back on your own lifetime. How many switchboard operators do you know? How about gas station attendants who pump gas? The only constant for the past two centuries has been […]

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World War One Changes Women’s Roles in the Workforce

This is the second of two parts on women in the workforce. Read part one. Women entered the 20th century with a world of opportunities. As the new century dawned, it was becoming increasingly common and acceptable for women to work.  Women continued to hold many of the same positions they had before – teacher, […]

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Women in the Workforce Before World War One

For centuries, women worked in the home and on the family farm for no pay. It only has been in the past 200 years that women have been allowed to enter what was considered a man’s domain — the workforce. The idea of a woman working for an employer was shocking. Most considered the business […]

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