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Canada Hettie's World History World War One

Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry: Canadian Men with Previous Military Experience

The first battle the Canadian Expeditionary Force engaged in during World War I was the Second Battle of Ypres. However, a group of soldiers did participate in earlier engagements. These men were members of Princess Patricia’s regiment. Who were the Patricias? When World War I erupted, Canada had a very small army called “the permanent […]

Canada Hettie's World History World War One

Arthur Currie: Commander of the Canadian Corps

Arthur Currie was born December 5, 1875, in Napperton, Ontario. Currie worked as a teacher, real estate agent and insurance broker. He also served as an officer in the militia in British Columbia. Currie’s business schemes left him deeply in debt, and he used money earmarked for the militia to pay off his debts. Friends […]

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Winnipeg the Bear

During World War I, soldiers and sailors on both sides of the conflict used animals for transportation, manual labor, companionship and as mascots. Such was the case for the Fort Garry Horse cavalry regiment, whose mascot was a bear cub named Winnie. The cub was purchased by soldier and veterinarian Harry Colebourn in White River, […]

Books & Publishing Canada Fiction Hettie's World History World War One

In Flanders Fields

“In Flanders Fields,” written by a doctor during the Second Battle of Ypres, is perhaps the best known poem to come out of World War I. Canadian military physician Major John McCrae was serving as brigade doctor when his friend, Lieutenant Alexis Helmer, was killed. The chaplain was engaged elsewhere, so McCrae was asked to […]

Canada Hettie's World History World War One

Second Battle of Ypres: Gas, Boys, Gas

The Second Battle of Ypres is the Canadian Expeditionary Force’s baptism by fire.  The CEF had been in Europe for about six months, and the majority of its men had never experienced combat. Combat was an experience, many believed, that tested a man’s masculinity. “Being under fire for the first time exists, as a psychological […]

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