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How to Create Fictional Characters

Without characters you don’t have a story.  So how do authors develop them?  There are many different methods.  For this blog, I’m sharing some tips from writing experts. Novel Writing Help cautions against creating characters that are “dislikeable or, worse, deadly dull.”  To prevent this, the website recommends: Characters don’t need to be beautiful, eloquent […]

Fiction the Writing Process Writing & Editing

Are My Characters Based on Real People?

Are my characters based on real people?  The quick answer to this is “no.”  However, it’s a bit more complicated than that.  While none of my characters are based directly on someone, several are named after real people and several are representative of people who existed. In addition, all my characters feel real to me, […]

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Do You Have a Love-Hate Relationship With Your Characters?

Is it possible for an author to have a love-hate relationship with her fictional characters? Merriam-Webster defines a love-hate relationship as “strong feelings of both love and hatred for someone.” The website Love Bondings takes that a step further, stating that the strong feelings can occur in any time of relationship – romantic, familial or […]

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