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Christmas Shopping in a Bygone Era

The commercialization of Christmas began during the Victorian era.  Retailers encouraged consumers to shop for the holidays instead of giving homemade gifts, and shop employees also decorated their shop windows with lavish displays to attract passersby.  The tradition of Christmas shopping was born. So what were the popular gifts in this bygone era?  Let’s find […]

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The Final Holiday of Innocence — Part One

The following short work of fiction, a slice-of-life piece, was never intended for publication. I wrote it a year ago as a creative exercise and have opted to present it now because it introduces Hettie Steward, the main character in Angel of Mercy, along with many of her friends and family members. Christmas Eve 1913 […]

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Christmas in the 1910s: Decorative and Commerical

Christmas during the Edwardian era was very similar to what we experience today. Our holiday traditions were firmly established by the 1910s: Families, communities and businesses set up Christmas trees. People exchanged cards. Caroling was popular. Lavish meals were served. And it was boom time for retailers. Our contemporary version of Santa Claus also was […]

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Christmas Truce of 1914: Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men

Many Christmas carols speak about peace on earth, but rarely does it ever happen. One notable exception is the Christmas truce of 1914. It started with a declaration by Pope Benedict XV that a temporary cease fire should be called in celebration of Christmas. “Pope Benedict XV is urging that an understanding be arranged between […]

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World War One Holiday Care Packages

Care package and news from home are always appreciated during wartime, but never as much as they are around the holidays. For the men and women serving overseas during World War I, care packages might have been their only means of celebrating the holiday season. When the war began, there was widespread belief that it […]

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