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The True Stories of World War One Nurses

My novel, Angel of Mercy, focuses on Hettie, a young woman serving during the First World War with the Canadian Army Nursing Service. While her experiences are fictional, she and her colleagues are based on the brave nurses who served overseas during nearly five years of war. “In his much-admired book published in 1975,” Baroness […]

Hettie's World History Women's history World War One

Edith Cavell: Saving Lives Regardless of Political Affiliation

Edith Cavell was a heroine even before her name became internationally known.  She became a nurse in 1900 and devoted her life to saving the lives of others. Born Dec. 4, 1865 in Swardeston, United Kingdom, Cavell was the daughter of an Anglican minister. She moved to Belgium in 1907 where she served as matron of the nursing […]

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