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Canada Edwardian era History

Henri Bourassa: Early 20th Century Political Influencer

Any discussion of Canada during the early 20th century would not be complete without including Henri Bourassa. Bourassa was outspoken and not afraid to fight for his beliefs. Bourassa was born in Quebec in 1868, a little more than a year after the formation of Canada.  He entered politics in his early 20s and was […]

Canada Edwardian era History

Federal Election of 1911: A Question Over the Nation’s Future

The Canadian federal election of 1911 was the last one held before the start of World War One. It was an election that would determine the future of the nation, the politicians claimed, and it was  filled with rhetoric and mudslinging. The Parties Involved The 1911 election was a preview of the dirty 1917 election […]

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