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Violet Jessop: The Unsinkable Nurse Who Survived Two Downed Ships

Violet Jessop was born October 2, 1888, in Argentina.  Born to Irish parents, Jessop had several siblings. Her family moved to Britain after her father’s death. Jessop followed in her mother’s footsteps and began working as an ocean liner stewardess. She was on the Olympic when it collided with another ship in 1911. The following […]

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HMHS Britannic: Titanic’s Equally Ill Fated Sister Ship

She was RMS Titanic’s sister ship, and like her more famous sister, she ended up below the waves. She was larger than Titanic, once the world’s largest ocean liner, and although she was built as a liner, she never carried passengers.  She is HMHS Britannic. Operated by White Star Line, Britannic was launched in February […]

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Hail the Magnificent Ocean Liners

Unlike their poor cousins today, the cruise ship, early 20th century ocean liners were grand in scale, luxury and architecture. In the days before air travel, these liners escorted thousands of passengers around the world. The most popular route was between North America and Europe, a trip which in the 1910s took less than two weeks. […]

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