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Edwardian Wedding Fashion and Traditions

As the new century dawned in 1901, fashion was quickly changing.  Soon hemlines would rise while necklines would fall, and dress styles began to hug a woman’s body.  Wedding fashions, however, did not change as drastically and were somewhat behind the times compared to streetwear.  Wedding traditions, on the other hand, are surprisingly recognizable.  Let’s […]

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Early 20th Century

Today, Valentine’s Day is a holiday to give cards and small gifts to the people you care about the most. What was once the day for lovers now includes parents, children, close friends and extended family. When was the start of our modern Valentine traditions? Like with most holidays, it started with the Victorians. Giving […]

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The Victorian Language of Flowers: A Secret Code

Today, giving flowers is a popular Valentine’s Day gift. A little more than a century ago, however, flowers were more than simply beautiful gifts. The type of flower given, even how the flowers were arranged, sent messages in a secret code. This is known as florigraphy, the language of flowers. The purpose of these secret […]

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Courtship and Marriage During World War One

If you were to time travel and attend a wedding in 1914, you would be quite familiar with the ceremony and customs. Weddings have not changed in the past century. However, marriage and how the couple got to the altar has. Dating, as we know it, came into existence in the 1920s, a direct result of […]

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Adultery and the Double Standard

There has always been a double standard when it comes to the battle of the sexes. Nowhere is this more evident in the Victorian age than when it comes to sexual intercourse itself. Victorians didn’t openly talk about sex, but it governed their lives. Sexual attitudes dictated clothing and decorating styles. Attitudes also necessitated the […]

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Domestic Violence Once Was Legal

Domestic violence has been with us since the beginning of human history. The term, however, is a 20th century invention. For most of history, domestic violence and spousal rape were part of everyday life. Why was this violence accepted?  Because it was the natural order of things. A man was supposed to display his authority […]

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