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Tips for Publishing Through a Small Publisher

Some smaller publishing houses do not require authors be represented by literary agents.  These publishing houses allow authors to query directly.  How do you find the right publisher? Research is key.  The print or online version of the Writer’s Market will be a valuable resource. If you have author friends who write in your genre, […]

Traditional Publishing Writing & Editing

How to Find a Literary Agent

The self-publishing route isn’t for everyone.  If you decided to take the traditional publishing route, chances are you will first try to get a literary agent to represent you.  How do you do this?  How do you find the right agent to represent you? An agent is necessary if your goal is to be published […]

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How to Throw a Book Launch Party

A book launch party is an excellent way to debut your newest novel to the world.  For those who are household names or have support of a large, traditional publisher, the party is probably thrown on your behalf.  For independent authors or those who don’t have a publisher’s support, the burden of throwing a party […]

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How to Self Publish Your First Book

Not that many years ago, self publishing was traditional publishing’s ugly step-sister.  It was associated strictly with vanity publishing – paying thousands to have paperbacks published yourself – and had a reputation of being the course of last resort for terrible writers. Thanks to the internet opinions have begun to change, and self publishing is […]

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